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$25, 000 - $70, 000



At a glance

Truck Drivers operate gasoline or diesel-powered trucks, tractor-trailers, and similar vehicles to transport goods and materials at construction sites. Some Truck Drivers specialize in operating special types of vehicles such as heavy trucks for overweight loads, gravel trucks, or industrial trucks.

Truck Drivers' workloads and schedules vary, depending on the goods being transported and the distances traveled. Some local Truck Drivers start out in the morning with a loaded truck and make deliveries all day, returning with an empty truck to the warehouse or plant at the end of the day. With other products, such as lumber, asphalt, or gravel, Truck Drivers may return to the yard or plant to reload after each delivery.

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Work environment

Work environments for construction careers can be located outdoors or indoors or both. Work hours may vary as well. Some positions are seasonal while others are all year round, but part-time. Other positions are project-based and may require you to work full-time until the project is complete. And, of course there are careers that have full-time hours all year round.

Below is a list of workplaces where you might find opportunities to gain apprenticeship hours and/or experience. (Source: Manitoba Prospects)

  • Transportation companies
  • Moving companies
  • Distribution companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Self-employed

Other conditions: irregular hours

Mini Skills Assessment

If you answer YES to the questions below, then you should consider becoming a Truck Driver!

  • Do you enjoy driving and have the ability to remain alert and maintain a high level of concentration?
  • Do you show good judgement and have the ability to react quickly in emergency situations?
  • Can you work in all kinds of weather and conditions?
  • Are you mechanically inclined?
  • Can you work alone?

Essential Skills Profiles

The Government of Canada Job Bank has identified Nine Literacy and Essential Skills (Reading, Writing, Document Use, Numeracy, Computer Use, Thinking, Oral Communication, Working with Others, and Continuous Learning).

Below you will find links to the Essential Skills Profiles for this occupation and/or related ones.


Below you will find salary ranges for entry to senior level positions for a Truck Drivers or a related field.

(Source: and/or Manitoba Prospects).

*Effective October 1, 2014 minimum wage will increase to $10.70 per hour.

Salary Range for Truck Drivers

$25, 000 - $70, 000

Manitoba Prospects 2013


$30, 900/$39, 900

Wages may vary if mileage rates apply

Every year, the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Construction Sector releases Minimum Wage Schedules for Manitoba. Below are the minimum wage rates for this career.

Minimum Wage RateMay 1, 2017 or after
Truck Operator of a truck with 4 or more axles, fuel truck, distribution truck, truck with hydraulic boom or hoist$18.05
Truck Operator of a truck having a gross vehicle weight of more than 2,500 kg and fewer than 4 axles
Operator of a light truck having a gross vehicle weight less of than 2,500 kg, ride on tractor pulled compaction equipment or other equipment requiring similar skills$15.95


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