Project Manager (Heavy Construction)


$70, 000 - $110, 000/ year



At a glance

As a project manager, you’re duties depend on the size of the project and your years of experience. In role, you are expected to communicate with a variety of people, such as labourers, heavy equipment operators, the site supervisor, engineers, contractors, suppliers, the public and more.

You’re responsibilities may be to oversee the work of others on a specific project from start to finish. Depending on the size of the project, you might not be able to start another project until the first project is completed.
Project managers may decide in what order and when each part of the project will be completed. They create a detailed schedule and budget for the project. Project managers buy the materials they will need, such as geotextile or environmental protection (e.g. straw wattle, filt curtains).
On large projects, supervisors are usually responsible for selecting the equipment needed to perform project task. On smaller jobs, they may arrange for the rental of heavy equipment, such as bulldozers, and other specific tools needed for the job (e.g. cement mixer, jack hammer, water pump etc.). Regardless of the size of the project, the project manager is responsible for overseeing the entire project.
Also, project managers may hire contractors, such as subtrades, to perform specific tasks that they are not able to complete themselves.

Work environment

Work environments for heavy construction careers will be located outdoors. Work hours may vary as well. Some positions are seasonal while others are all year round, but part-time. Other positions are project-based and may require you to work full-time until the project is complete. And, of course there are careers that have full-time hours all year round.
Below is a list of workplaces where you might find opportunities to gain experience.
  • heavy construction companies
  • mining
  • sewer and water
  • utilities
  • paving
  • concrete
  • drilling, blasting, and crushing

Other conditions: project based, work outdoors in all weather, stressful, may travel to remote locations, may work 40 – 50 hours per week

Specialized skills required

Some of the skills required to perform this position are

  • Keep accurate and detailed records of expenses
  • Ensure project complies with building and safety regulations
  • Solve problems that may delay the project
  • Strong communication skills to discuss construction quotes, timelines and plans


Here is a sample career path with salary ranges for a Project Manager in Manitoba's heavy construction industry.

Foreman$70, 000 - $80, 000/year
Site Supervisor
(need 2+ years as a Foreman)
$70, 000 - $80, 000/year
Project Manager$70, 000 - $100, 000/year
Project Engineer (Civil or Structural)$80, 000 - $110, 000/year

Source: Industry Expert, Hugh Munro Construction Ltd


Most project managers take some industry related and/or post-secondary training in project management or construction management.

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