Land Surveyor


$11.25/ hour - $49.29/ hour



At a glance

Land Surveyors may perform some or all of the duties listed here:

  • Develop survey plans, methods and procedures for conducting legal surveys
  • Plan, direct and supervise or conduct surveys to establish and mark legal boundaries of properties, parcels of lands, provincial and Canada Lands, Aboriginal land claims, wellsites, mining claims, utility rights-of-way, roadways and highways
  • Survey and lay out subdivisions for rural and urban development
  • Determine precise locations using electronic distance measuring equipment and global positioning systems (GPS)
  • Analyze, manage and display data using geographic information systems (GIS) and computer-aided design and drafting (CAD)
  • Record all measurements and other information obtained during survey activities
  • Prepare or supervise the preparation and compilation of all data, plans, charts, records and documents related to surveys of real property boundaries
  • Certify and assume liability for surveys made to establish real property boundaries
  • Advise, provide consultation and testify as an expert witness on matters related to legal surveys.

Source: National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011, 2154 Land Surveyors

According to Red River College, graduates of the Geometrics Technology Diploma program may find additional and related career options, such as

  • Construction layout of civil works
  • Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) surveying applications
  • Mapping and Digital Photogrammetry
  • Engineering and Land surveys with measurement applications in Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Total Station technologies
  • Engineering and Land survey field crew and site supervision
  • Technical sales and support






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Work environment

According to land surveyors work environment may involve the following

  • flexible 8 - 9 hour work days
  • mainly work in summer due to longer daylight hours, but will work all year round (winter included)
  • may need to work weekends and longeer hours to meet project deadlines
  • may need to carry heavy equipment and instruments in all kinds of weather and rough terrain
  • may need to travel to rural and remote areas to perform work (May need to stay overnight)

Land surveyors, including technicians and technologists, may find work in these types of organizations and/or as an independent consultant:

  • governement
  • architectural firms
  • engineering firms
  • surveying firms
  • private sector
  • resource based industries (i.e. forestry and mining)


Essential Skills Profiles

The Government of Canada Job Bank has identified Nine Literacy and Essential Skills (Reading, Writing, Document Use, Numeracy, Computer Use, Thinking, Oral Communication, Working with Others, and Continuous Learning).

Below you will find links to the Essential Skills Profiles for this occupation and/or related ones.


According to, and their Labour Market Information for Manitoba, they list low, medium, and high wages for Land Surveys as the following:

Low Wage Medium Wage High Wage
$11.25/ hour $27.09/ hour $49.29/ hour


When reviewing job postings in Manitoba, hourly wages vary depending on companies and position levels.

Job Titles Wages
Land Survey Technician $14.00 - $18.00/ hour
Land Survey Technologist $18.00 - $24.00/ hour
Land Surveying, Party Chief $20.00 - $28.00/ hour

(As of January 2017)


If you are still in high school, here are some suggested subject areas to study that could help prepare you for further training in this field. Please check if these courses are available at your school and/or whether they will meet your graduation requirements. Some examples may include the following:

  • English
  • Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, Algebra & Geometry, Calculus
  • Science, Chemistry, Physics
  • Geography, Earth & Environment Science
  • Computers, Drafting & Design


To become a Land Surveyor In Manitoba, you must study geomatics technology or a related field. You can study this program at the following post-secondary institution:

School/ Program Diploma
Red River College
Geomatics Technology
32 month diploma*, includes co-op experience
Year 1 - general first year in Civil Engineering Technology
Year 2 & 3 - Geomatics Technology Option

*Note: Apply for accreditation through Certified Technicians & Technologists Association of Manitoba (CTTAM), Canadian Council of Technicians & Technologists (CCTT)

According to the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors (AMLS), the governing body of this profession, you must complete a series of provincial/federal exams, applications, and an internship. For example,

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