Draftsperson (Technician & Technologist)


$15.38/ hour - $32.31/ hour



At a glance

Drafting technologists and technicians prepare engineering designs, drawings and related technical information, in multidisciplinary engineering teams or in support of engineers, architects or industrial designers, or they may work independently.

In Manitoba, approximately 1250 people are employed as a drafting technologist or technician in the following areas:

  • consulting companies
  • construction companies
  • engineering and architectural firms
  • Electrical equipment, appliance and component manufacturing
  • Provincial and territorial public administration

Source: National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011, 2253 Drafting technologist and technicians, careercruising.com, http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/search_occupation-eng.do?...

Work environment

In your work environment, you may:

  • work a 35 - 40 hour week, 5 days a week
  • comfortable office environments or factory setting
  • sit in front of computer most days
  • use computer-aided design (CAD) programs
  • work is demanding as it demands precision
  • may work alone or part of a team
  • may experience eyestrain, hand and wrist problems, and back discomfort

Source: Career Cruising

Essential Skills Profiles

The Government of Canada Job Bank has identified Nine Literacy and Essential Skills (Reading, Writing, Document Use, Numeracy, Computer Use, Thinking, Oral Communication, Working with Others, and Continuous Learning).

Below you will find links to the Essential Skills Profiles for this occupation and/or related ones.


According to jobbank.gc.ca, and their Labour Market Information for Manitoba, they list low, medium, and high wages for Power Engineers as the following:

$15.38/ hour (average in MB) $25.00/ hour (average in MB) $32.31/ hour (average in MB)
$15.38/ hour in Winnipeg $25.00/ hour in Winnipeg $32.31/ hour in Winnipeg

Source: http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/search_occupation-eng.do?...


If you are still in high school, here are some suggested subject areas to study that could help prepare you for further training in this field. Please check if these courses are available at your school and/or whether they will meet your graduation requirements. Some examples may include the following:

  • English
  • Mathematics, Calculus, Algebra & Geometry, Probability & Statistics
  • Science, Physics
  • Computers, Technology, Drafting & Design
  • Visual Arts

Source: www2.careercruising.com

To become a Drafting Technician and Technologist in Manitoba, you must study AutoCAD and drafting related programs. You can study this program at the following post-secondary institutions:

Assiniboine Community College (ACC)
AutoCAD 1 (Civil)

Individual Course

  • Part - Time
  • 2 months (approx)
Assiniboine Community College (ACC)
Drafting Fundamentals (Civil)
Individual Course
  • Part - Time
  • 2 months (approx)
Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT)
CAD Technician
10 months, Certificate
  • Full Time
Red River College (RRC)

Design Drafting Technician

Advanced Diploma Program

  • This program, in combination with a CAD certificate or diploma, fulfills the minimum diploma requirement and exceeds the minimum CTTAM (Certified Technicians and Technologists Association of Manitoba) academic requirements for technician certification.
Red River College (RRC)

Drafting/ CAD

Certificate (7 courses)

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