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$23, 089/ yr - $126, 102/ yr



At a glance

Real estate agents and salespersons act as agents for the sale or purchase of houses, apartments, condominiums, commercial buildings, land and other real estate and are employed in the real estate industry. They may specialize in residential, commercial, industrial/institutional or rural real estate sales.

Real estate agents and salespersons perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Solicit property sales listings from prospective vendors/ sellers
  • Assist vendors/ sellers in selling property by establishing asking price, advertising the property, listing the property for sale and conducting showings and open houses for prospective buyers
  • Assist prospective buyers in selecting, visiting, inspecting and making offers of purchase on real estate properties
  • Advise clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters
  • Draw up sales agreements for approval of purchaser and seller

Source: National Occupational Classification 2011, 6232 Real estate agents and salespersons



Source: CareerTrekBC - Realtor (Episode 80)

Work environment

As a licensed real estate salesperson, you will most likely work on a commission basis. In addition, your work environment and schedule may include the following:

  • work with a real estate agency or self-employed
  • work in and outside an office
  • spend a lot of time travelling by car to view properties and meet with clients
  • may work full-time or part-time*
  • Hours vary: 40 - 60 hours/week (full - time)
  • flexibility is needed - work on weekends and evenings to show properties to clients, negotiate deals

*In Manitoba, you cannot work another job while working as a licenced real estate salesperson.

Source:, National Occupational Classification 2011, 6232 Real estate agents and salespersons

Mini Skills Assessment

Is a Career in Real Estate Right for Me?

Review the following statements honestly. If most of the statements apply to you, you may be suited to a career in real estate. I am willing to invest time and effort now to gain income later

  • I am honest and I can be trusted
  • I am willing to spend the time and money to successfully complete the required licencing courses
  • I am willing to take ongoing education courses as required by my employer or as necessary to maintain my real estate licence
  • I want to be rewarded based on my efforts
  • My family is prepared to accept my busy schedule
  • I possess good communication skills
  • I enjoy meeting and talking to people
  • I possess good computer skills
  • I present myself professionally and with confidence
  • I can handle setbacks and the word “no”
  • I can solve problems as they arise, both large and small
  • I am prepared to ask for help when I need it
  • I can manage my personal finances
  • I am willing to be flexible to ensure that a client’s needs are satisfied
  • I am an organized person and can handle details well
  • I will manage my time to get the job done
  • I enjoy making decisions and helping others to do the same
  • I am prepared to work hard to reach my goals
  • I have a good contacts base from which I can draw prospective buyers and sellers


Essential Skills Profiles

The Government of Canada Job Bank has identified Nine Literacy and Essential Skills (Reading, Writing, Document Use, Numeracy, Computer Use, Thinking, Oral Communication, Working with Others, and Continuous Learning).

Below you will find links to the Essential Skills Profiles for this occupation and/or related ones.


According to, and their Labour Market Information for Manitoba, they list low, medium, and high wages for Real Estate Agents and Salespersons as the following:

$23, 089//yr (average in MB) $49, 943/yr (average in MB) $126, 102/yr (average in MB)
$23, 089/yr in Winnipeg $56, 829/ yr in Winnipeg $124, 430/yr in Winnipeg

Note: Generally, real estate salespersons do not receive a base salary or wage, but must rely on commissions from selling homes/properties.



If you are still in high school, here are some suggested subject areas to study that could help prepare you for further training in this field. Please check if these courses are available at your school and/or whether they will meet your graduation requirements. Some examples may include the following:

  • English
  • Mathematics,Probability & Statistics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Accounting, Economics, Law
  • Business, Management, Marketing


Now that you have decided that you want to become a real estate salesperson in Manitoba, you'll need to become a licensed salesperson through the Manitoba Real Estate Association. Below you'll find a snapshot view of the main steps and costs to become licensed.Visit MREA for the most up-to-date information.

Suggested Prerequisites
  • Minimum age: 18 years old.
  • Permanent resident of Manitoba/ Canada or Canadian Citizen
Self- Assessment Complete online self-assessment
Registration, Modules, Exams
  • 4 Modules (Course Fee + Exam Fee) approx. $2, 795.00
  • Interview with brokerages
  • Secure employment with in six months of completing Module 4
  • Completed and passed Module 4
  • Employed with good past record of financial responsibility
  • Apply to The Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC) to acquire your salesperson licence (Need employer's signature)
  • Must apply to MSC within six months of completing Module 4

More info about licensing can be found at Real Estate Agent Licenses (REAL)

Career Guide Download Career Guide for more info about this career and licensing process

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