Explore Job Search Websites

Do Your Research

Explore Job Search Websites

When looking for a job, it never hurts to visit traditional job search websites, such as jobbank.gc.ca, workopolis.com, and indeed.ca

Remember, you are looking for information about the company services, past/current project, staff, and location, not just a job!

Job Bank Tip:

Use all the tools available on jobbank.gc.ca

The Canadian government invested a lot of money to ensure job seekers are informed, so try all the tools to quip yourself to find the best job fit for you and the employer.
Workopolis Tip:

Use construction as a keyword in your search instead of only labourer or project manager

Most search windows on job websites look for keywords in the job title and the job description. Widen your search first, then you can use more specific words later on.
indeed.ca Tip:

Make sure to visit the company website, before clicking, Easily Apply or the Apply Now button.

Often times, companies are limited to how much information they can put a job ad when using an external source. It's always a good idea to visit the company's website and see if they have more information about the job. Also, they will probably have other jobs posted on their website too!