About MCSC

In January 2009, five partners joined together to form the Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) which is committed to strengthening the skills of the province’s construction sector workforce. Representatives of these five organizations guide the activities of the organization:


The Manitoba Construction Sector Council, as the industry’s human resource council, acts as a federation of its current five industry associations. In developing the future potential of the organization a new robust network of partnerships in community will enhance its capacity to meet its vision of the future.

As construction sector leaders, the MCSC has the overall responsibility and evolving scope to reflect the diverse interests of the industry, and strengthen the human resources within its network. This is accomplished by aligning itself and its products, services, and partnerships with the vision of the industry.

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"It is incredibly diverse and always changing. I never get bored, because it always keeps me on my toes."


"I notice that friends of mine who have other careers, do not seem to be able to take the time off that I can."