PowerPoint Presentations

At MCSC, we have a dedicated presenter, James Murphy, who delivers presentations to variety of audiences.

Check out some of his PowerPoint presentations below!

Audience: K - 12 students

Early Years (Grades 5 - 6)Middle Years (Grades 7 - 8)Senior Years (Grades 9 - 12)
Early Years_Exploring Careers in Construction_MCSC0217 2015.pdfJunior High_Career Paths_MCSC0218 2015.pdfHigh School_Explore Your Future School_MCSC0424 2015.pdf

Audience: Teachers and Career Counsellors

Teachers and Career Counsellers
More than Hammers and Nails_MCSC0522 2015.pdf
Part 1_Intro to Construction_Service Providers_MCSC1206 2016.pdf

Audience: Community Organizations

Military Members in TransitionNewcomers to ManitobaWomen interested in Trades
Military Members in Transition_MCSC0223 2015.pdfNewcomers_Construction Trades_MCSC0103 2015.pdfWomen and Construction Careers_MCSC0424 2015.pdf

ACCESS to Funding
ACCESS_Construction Trades_MCSC0414 2015.pdf

Contact James Murphy to schedule your presentation today!

If you don't see a presentation for your audience, contact us to see if we can tailor one for you!

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"It is incredibly diverse and always changing. I never get bored, because it always keeps me on my toes."


"I notice that friends of mine who have other careers, do not seem to be able to take the time off that I can."