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Through TradeUp Manitoba, we promote careers in construction through presentations to schools, adult learners, First Nation communities, military members, newcomers, etc. To make our message stronger, we create videos to share with everybody!

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Your Life Work - Career in Construction

Your Life Work is a key video that our staff use to get young people interested in the trades. Watch and learn how young people in Manitoba feel about working in the construction industry.

Blaster In Training Promo Video

Day in the Life of a Blaster: Promotional video for MCSC's new Blaster in Training Certificate program to be offered in 2016.

Indigenous Communities and the Construction Industry

Joint Venture Project: Discussion about a successful project between Berens River First Nation and Hugh Munro Construction Ltd. in Manitoba.

Aboriginal Youth and Trades: Listen to Aboriginal Youth in Manitoba share their thoughts about the benefits of working in the construction industry.

Career Transition

Eric Rheaume: Career transition story from the military to working in the construction industry.

James Murphy: Career transition story from professional football player to a career in construction.

Women in Construction

Stephanie's Story: Shares her love of working as a heavy equipment operator.

Women in Construction: Meet Manitoba women who work in, lead,and own construction companies.

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"It is incredibly diverse and always changing. I never get bored, because it always keeps me on my toes."


"I notice that friends of mine who have other careers, do not seem to be able to take the time off that I can."