Trades Games

Browse the selection of downloadable games below which are made with the goal of aiding in the education of Trade-related jobs and careers. 

Below you will find games for your phone and tablet, virtual reality games and one that involves a QR Code reader.


BUILD - Trade Up Careers in Construction game

This game is designed to help students learn about the different trades it takes to build a house students will learn who are the trades people on the jobsite through seven stages of the Build.

 Brought you by Manitoba Construction Sector Council and Home Builders Association with funding from the Province of Manitoba. 

First Day Of Work

Welcome to First Day Of Work, a workplace skills game focused on learning the essential workplace skills used everyday while working on a construction site. Play 7 mini games related to construction skills or explore 44 careers through the in-game career exploration tool.

Build It

This is a Jeopardy inspired, construction trades trivia game! In teams, players compete to win the most points based on video-based trivia questions.

This game is based off the video: Your Life’s Work

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Flagperson Safety Training

Flaggers have one of the most important jobs on a construction site. They are instrumental in directing traffic into and around the worksite, and ensuring the safety of both the other workers and the general public.

This game takes the 4 major components of the newly revamped Flagger Course in Manitoba and turns them into a game.

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Trades Town

Similar to the classic game of Monopoly, Trades Town tests players’ knowledge of the trades industry as they compete to take over the town!

Players learn important information that can get them started on the road to thinking about the trades including salary range, future outlook, and apprenticeship requirements.

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Virtual Reality

MCSC Framer

This is an immersive learning content that allowed trainees to access the job site beforehand without leaving the training room, unlike the other conventional training methods like paper-based or online training with audio.

The framer’s course will teach technical skills (knowledge of tools, equipment, and processes) and will embed safety training and Essential Skills throughout the program (reading, measurement, document use, communication, physical dexterity, working from heights, working with others).

Confined Space

A VR safety course that helps provide the proper identification for confined space work and what precautions to follow therefore proactively aiding in the prevention of incidents.

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Fall Protection Facilitator Guide

Fall Protection focuses on the daily needs of the employee including information about the different types of fall protection, what personal protective equipment to use, emergency procedures and how to calculate fall clearances. In Manitoba, the workplace safety requirements for fall protection are very strict.  Often forgotten is the legal requirement to also ensure an employer includes an Emergency Rescue Plan in the event of a fall.

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IBEW Virtual Reality Safety

This VR simulator features five one-hour modules which demonstrate typical hazards such as:

  • Slips, trips and falls
  • Struck by, caught between
  • Fire, explosion, toxicity and asphyxiation
  • Ergonomics, elements, noise
  • Electrocution

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QR Code

PPE Training

The PPE app is designed to make new construction workers aware of the importance of wearing their personal protective equipment. If a worker is unsure of what is to be worn, or why it is to be worn, they should discuss this with their supervisor on site. The ability to unlock new modules helps to keep this app interactive and progressive in today’s workplace.