Teacher's Corner

Virtual Reality Hazard Awareness Activities

You’re a new entrant on the job site, today is your first day! This application will help you travel to a virtual work site where you will:

Through your virtual reality headset you will be transported to a real job site and immerse yourself in your future career! This application is intended for general awareness and does not replace proper training.

Developed in the province of Manitoba through the support of the WCB Manitoba Research and Workplace Innovation Program.

Module 1: Slips, Trips and Falls

Module 2: Struck By, Caught Between

Module 3: Fire, Explosion, Toxicity, and Asphyxiation

Module 4: Ergonomics, Elements, and Noise


Identification and Analysis of Safety Hazards on the Virtual Construction Worksite

Download the IBEW 2085 Safety App from one of the links below