Did you know…

there are over 30 construction-related occupations in Manitoba that have apprenticeship training?

Becoming an apprentice in one of these trades means that your training will be based on industry standards and is recognized across Canada.

Steps to Becoming an Apprentice


Finish high school


Find a trade that suits you


Find an employer to hire you


Register with Apprenticeship Manitoba


Start your career!

As an apprentice in a construction trades, you must complete a required number of on-the-job hours of practical experience and spend some time in school.

When you successfully complete all levels of your apprenticeship training, you receive a Certificate of Qualification. Then you can proudly say that you are a journeyperson in your trade!

Also, most apprenticeship trades in Manitoba have inter-provincial or “Red Seal” status. This means your Certificate of Qualification is recognized in other provinces.

To legally work in some trades in Manitoba you MUST be an apprentice or certified journeyperson. Some example include, Crane & Hoisting Equipment Operators, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanics, Sprinkler System Installers and Steamfitters/Pipefitters.

Visit the Apprenticeship Manitoba website for a listing of all compulsory apprenticeship trades.