Skills Training in High School


Skills Training in High School

If you’re a high school student and are interested in building your skills for a future career in the trades, there are options for you such as:

Read the information below to find out which program might be a good fit for you!

High School Apprenticeship Program

The High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) lets you start apprenticeship while you are still in high school. It links regular Senior Years school instruction with paid, part-time, on-the-job apprenticeship training. You need a qualified and insured employer who will train you as an apprentice.

The HSAP coordinator at Apprenticeship Manitoba will work with you, your employer, and your school Guidance Counsellor to ensure that you meet all academic graduation requirements, and work while you are completing your high school program.

Depending on the high school, you can find numerous HSAPs opportunities within Manitoba. Explore the links below to learn which school offer Apprenticeship Manitoba accredited programming in your trade:

HSAP graduates who complete trades training at these secondary schools should receive their Level 1 with Apprenticeship Manitoba. Always contact Apprenticeship Manitoba if you have any questions about the programs below and/or satisfying apprenticeship level requirements.

Benefits to HSAP

Talk to your school guidance counsellor or contact the HSAP Coordinator in Winnipeg at (204) 945-3337. Toll-free from within Manitoba, call 1-877-978-7233.

Download this brochure from Apprenticeship Manitoba for more information:

In-School Accredited Technical Vocational Training Program

Earlier we shared a list of high school that offer HSAP in partnership a with Apprenticeship Manitoba.

Vocational Training programming in high schools is not the same as HSAP, it provides the technical training hours required for level 1 trades training whereas HSAP provides the on-the-job hours required for level 1 training. Depending on the high school, you can find numerous Vocational Training programs within Manitoba. 

Explore the maps below to learn which schools offer programming in your trade.

*Note: Individuals who take these programs may not receive their levels from Apprenticeship Manitoba. Please contact Apprenticeship Manitoba for more information.

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Building & Trades Technology


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Machining Technology




Additional Programs Winnipeg

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Additional Programs Rural/Northern Manitoba

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Skills Training + High School Credits = Job Readiness

For more information, visit these Manitoba Education and Training websites: