What is TradeUp Manitoba?

Manitoba Construction Sector Council (MCSC) is proud to bring you TradeUp Manitoba!

Did you know that Manitoba’s construction industry represents a billion dollar workforce and hosts a wealth of career opportunities? Well it's true! Careers in construction vary from plumbers, boilermakers, and electricians to less explored roles within the trades, such as safety officers, home appraisers, and operations managers.

With more than 30 apprentice-able trades with Apprenticeship Manitoba and another 30+ related non-apprentice-able careers, this field has unlimited opportunities and high salaries, which makes for a rewarding career.

Explore our TradeUp Manitoba website to learn what it really means to work in the construction industry!

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"It is incredibly diverse and always changing. I never get bored, because it always keeps me on my toes."


"I notice that friends of mine who have other careers, do not seem to be able to take the time off that I can."