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Learn the Workplace - CEW

This next resource, Learn the Workplace, was developed for newcomers to Canada, but we believe that this information is applicable to anyone who is new to the workplace! (Thank you CEW)

This interactive website contains valuable information in various e-formats – games, videos, audio clips, comic strips, and choose your adventure.

Remember, the goal is to click on the topic you need to improve your chances of keeping your job and growing in the company!

The table below shows each website topic and its sub-topics.

Workplace Expectations

  • Building Relationships
  • Greeting
  • Reporting
  • Organizational Systems
  • Leadership Styles

Skills & Abilities

  • Taking Imitative
  • Qualities
  • Values
  • Interviews

Finding Supports

  • Unwritten Rules
  • Mentors
  • The Right Job in the Right Work Environment

Working with Others

  • Recognizing Difference
  • Team Approaches
  • Effective Teams

Example Activity:

Building Relationships

Example Activity:

Taking Initiative

Example Activity:

Unwritten Rules

Example Activity:

Team Approaches

Example Activity:


Example Activity:


Example Activity:

Right Work Environment

Example Activity:

Effective Teams